ProBono 4 Pups

Because some clients don't have money.

Hi! I'm Jessika from,, and I love dogs and am happy to donate my video and design services to fluffy clients. If you know of a furry friend (or friends) in need, feel free to contact me. I support good causes whether or not an official nonprofit is behind it!

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I have a very diverse background, including working as a freelance graphic and multimedia designer for NBC Universal in NYC. My favorite projects involve video. If you would like to view my professional resume, you can find me on LinkedIn.


How can I help?

Probono services include: video editing, creating spots for the Times Square NASDAQ tower, graphic design, photo retouching, multimedia design, web design, WordPress intsalls and customization, and things along these lines. If you like something you see on,, or, I can probably do the same thing for you. I can also set up Facebook iFrames, such as this video player


Recent probono work.

View my pro bono videos (fluffy & otherwise) on my YouTube channel.

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